6 Layer Angel food Cake

The original idea for a layered angel food cake came from talking with my mom about how the best part of an angel food cake was the crust of the cake. The goal became to find a way to make an angel food cake with with crusty bits all the way through.

I started off with this simple angle food cake recipe (I used regular sugar instead of superfine sugar).

and these handy instructions.

Instead of baking it in a normal cake pan, I baked it on a cookie sheet.

After it had cooled, I cut it with a pizza cutter, then layered it with whipped cream mixed with Nutella. Some sliced almonds I toasted in the oven, and dusted with a some cocoa powder.

you can change and edit this recipe to whatever you are doing. Here are some variants I thought were cool.

Chocolate and Pumpkin Angel food cake Rolls,


Thanks for reading.



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