El Mitad Del Mundo

Today, after a fun bus ride, I made it to the mitad del mundo.



It is a monument built by the french in honor of the first geodesic mission, where the french calculated the roundness of the earth as well as verious othe measurements, and happens to be located on the equator.

After visiting the equator I went wih a group up to the top of a vulcano.


A long time ago the top of the cone colapsed, creating a circular valley. The dirt in the bottom is vulcanic ash, and highly fertile.


There are two ways out of the vulcano, the first is on a 8 mile unpaved road. Due to high gas prices, it is too expensive for the locals to take. So most opt for the shorter route, a winding path to the gap where i’m standing.


Every saturday farmers in the valley load their produce onto donkeys and hike out of the crater. At the top a bus meets them and hauls the produce to town.

So far I have been good at sticking to my budge, that is until went out to eat for dinner. Dinner cost the same as all my other expenses for the day.


One would think you would get a lot more guinue pig for $10.

Take it easy,

PS:  the best part are the eyes.



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