Hey guys, I decieded to do a little longer blog post recapping the last couple weeks. Here it is.

These last couple of weeks i’ve been hanging aroung Quito, Ecuador. “Why Quito?” you might ask. Well i have been looking to do a big trip to south america for quite awhile, and Quito is cheaper than Bogota.


Quito is a big city. Though it doesnt have many buildings over 7 stories it crams 3 million people into the metro area. At 9,000ft it takes acouple of days to get use to the altitude. The weather is very mild, 50s-60s at night, and rises to 70 durring the day.

The first couple of days, I stayed in a hostel in the la marsceles district, in the northern part of Quito. Hostels are great places to hangout. Filled with travelers, anywhere between 18-30yrs in age, they are also great source of information. And if you are going for food, a trip to the old city, or a weekend excursion, you just have to ask around, and you can put together a group in 15min.


The first couple of days i got my berings on the city, and made a trip into the old city, plaza grande and la basilica. Then made it to mitad del mundo (the equator) and on a tip from an american at the hostel, toured Pululahua.

plaza grande

My original plan was to visit a couple schools then choose one. However at the hostal I met several people going to the Simion Bulivar school and when i visited, they were very perfessional, So i decided to go with them.


I did one-on-one classes, which consisted of  two hours of convesation, and then two hours of grammer. After acouple of classes i decided that i know enought spanish/hand motions to get around south america. But not enough to hold a conversation.  This relieved a little of the preasure of expanding my vocabulary. I did spanish classes in the morning, then toured the city in the afternoons. It was durring these afternoons that I went to Capille de hombre, museo de cultural and el teleferico.

I uses the weekend to do bigger trips. But with big groups of people plans change fast. One weekend i was going to leave on saturday and spend the night in Pululahua, returning on sunday. But then i found out some guys at the hostel were doing a day trip to Cotopaxi Sunday morning. So early friday i decieded to go to pululahua friday night, hang out saturday and return saturday night so i could do Cotopaxi sunday morning. However i got a late start to Pululahua, that and getting on the wrong bus, led to not getting to the top of the crater until after dark. But after 10min of beating on a guard shacks door and 2km hike down later i made it down into pululahua.

Monday the 22nd, i started a homestay with a spanish speaking family. They had been hosting spanish students for 17yrs, they were an amazing family and the best help for my spanish.

After completing my secound week in Quito, i decides i had seen enough of the city, needed to move on. Friday i took a night bus to Banos, a town known for its hot springs, water falls, and extreme sports.


Quito was fun but it was time to move on.


Take it easy everone,



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