Banos to Cuenca

After spending two days in Banos i had my fill ofthe town, so i decided to move on. So monday i went to the bus station and baught my ticket to Cuenca.

I dont know if you know how the buses work here in Ecuador, but here’s a quick run down. There is the front that’s where you get on, and then there’s the back, where they stack the passegers. They even have a special chair for mental patients, you know know the type, maniac depressives. Unfortunately the chair for mental patients also doubles a the drivers seat. Fortunately for the mentally ill man riding on our bus, the driver didnt show up, and he had the seat to himself.


They had this sign at the bus station as well.


I like that goats were such a problem, they had to put up a sign.

The country side was very nice. It ranged from high desert,


To mountain farm land


And mountain highlands


Then we hit fog.


Fortunately our mental patient had psycic powers. Which allowed him to pass semi trucks and buses in zero visibility, With semis and buses coming the other direction. All at normal high way speeds.

But the view almost made up for the stress.


I met some cool people on the bus as well.


All on all, not a bad experience. Good thing too, once a month a bus shoots of a cliff and everyone dies.


Take it easy,


Ps: on long bus rides, any topic is open for discussion. On an unrelated note, if when asked about ones sex life, one replies “more than two a night.” Ones popularity increases exponentualy.


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