Parque Nacional Cajas

After 3 days of staying in Cuenca I decided i needed to see the surounding country side, so i decided to go to Cajas National Park.


At altitudes between 9,000 and 12,000ft, the park encompasses 70,000 acres. And is a reserve to several endangered animals including the south american condor.

There are several cool trails to hike. With broud differences in difficulty and lenghth.
Because the park is so big, once you get away from the refuge, you pretty much have the place to yourself.

The park had several lakes and lagoons. These supply water to Cuenca and other near by cities.


The park also had some cool flowers and letchins.

And wild llamas.

Ok so here is where it gets weird. The trail i did started at the refuge, where the bus stop was, and ended further down on the main road in the park, but the ranger at the office assured me i would still be able to catch a bus from there. However when i got to the road, none of the buses heading to Cuenca Were taking any passengers. Which was fine because i had some very interesting locals, who also happened to be going to Cuenca. to handout with. But suddenly a truck with high walled bed came flying down the road, pulled over yelled Cuenca. And motioned for us to hop in.

So that started our decent down the mountain. Passing cars buses, the driver showed off the trucks handeling quite well. All in all, it made for a great adrinallin rush.

Take it easy,


Ps: When showing off for a girl, it’s best to stick things you’ve done recently, and not attempt something like trying to unicycle on a unicycle you barrowed from acrobat. On a unrelated note: ripping the crotch out of ones pants, realy helps wih ventilation, especially when you have 4hrs of partying left to do.


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