Waxing Eloquent: Unknown Stars.

Last night i was taking a 8hr bus from cusco down to Punyo. The terrain changed from high desert, to highland mountains. As it went dark, we topped out on a plane 50 miles wide an 70miles long. low level mountains surounded us on three sides. I was completely dark with only the headlights of the bus illuminating the road ahead and an ocassional farm house passed by. Lighning flashed over the far mountains, but over the valley hung only stars.

While in Ecuador I could see Orions belt and even the big dipper. But this far south, all the stars were strange, and none I knew.

The engine of the bus rumbled on, the mountain air blew clean and new.

I travel under unknown stars, through the dark I journey on. Come on hill, come on valley, Road, open before me. I’am a stranger among you, but here I stand. Come on.


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