Tuesday I took a 8hr bus from Cusco, and headed south to Puno.




Puno is a small town on the edge of lake Titicaca. It is a great place to island hop around the lake, as well as prep for Bolivia.  the city sit on the hills around the lake.



Wednestday I hung around the city and saw the lake.


Through out the morning i saw trucks full of police wearing riot gear. I figuared there must be some type of political protest. Nope, just a soccer game.  I managed to find a ticket, and after a very long line, made it into the game.



The officials were letting the game go rough, with no pitty for injury. At one point a player was layed out on the ground after getting kicked in the face, the ref just walked over and made some hand motions that said “get up sucker, and play.”

Even in the stands, the police were pretty passive. A fight broke out beside me, and the police just broke up the fight, sepperated the guys  by 20ft,  and then left them alone.

Over all Puno is an interesting place, but after 2days, i need to move on.


Take it easy,


Ps: Just because it says ice cream, and looks like ice cream, doesn’t mean it’s real ice cream. Darn you lying pictures!


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