Diagnosis, or: Rot! Termites! Rubish! Oh-No!

So with the newly purchased house I felt it was time to dig bellow the surface and see what I was dealing with. I know some people with think this is something best done before purchasing a property, and they would be correct, like the inspirational poster says: “The purpose of some peoples lifes are to serve as a warning to others”.

Moveing foward, so the was a drop ceiling sheet rock walls, and “classic” 80’s panel covered the walls, from the chimney out side I suspected there was a fire place hidden somewhere inside. And both the bathroom and kitchen looked properly haunted.





After resisting the immediate urge to burn the place, i started peeling back the layers, looking for a basis from which to start.

Throught a local roll-off dumpster company, I rented a dumpster and started the gutting.



The former owner showed me photos of the house when they got it in 1982, and it was in perfect condition.  Seeing the results of 30 years of neglect was a bit disturbing.


Dianosis: well out of the 130 ft of rim joist, 100ft need to be replaced.


Termite damage in 3 locations.


The shed structure that houses the bath, needs to be completely removed and rebuilt.


Chimney is beautiful, but unfortunately is in the wrong place, wrong size, and wrong fuel type (coal, not wood) so it has to come down. Also gonna have to rewire and replumb the entire house.


Stats so far

Roll- off $380
Resperator, gloves, calming music from Spotify: $75
Time fallen through the floor: 4
Number of rats nest found so far: 3
Total spent: $12,050

Catchya later. Tune in next time when me start replaceing the rim joist.


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