Practical Sadism Or: How to Lay Concrete Block

So with the newly poured footings it was finally time to lay some block.


My friend Wesley offered to help me pick up my block from home depot. We used the Home Depot truck and after the concrete block triggered the over-weight alarm on the truck (yes they have those, who knew) we suddely came to the realization, that like most of the project, this might be a bad idea.

Fortunately we were able to get all the block transported over to the house with minimal  casualties. We were, however, reminded how well T-shirts work as bandages.  (Some people were injured in the makeing of this house, primarily me, but still.)

With the block in position, there was just some measuring and marking, then we moved on to laying  block.



That’s when this got complicated….

Now im doubt many of you are perfecional block masons, but i do think you probably have a little idea one would go about laying some block.

Lay out some mortar, set down a block, plume, level, boom bada-bing, move on to the next one.

Yeah, try explaining that to a concrete block.

About 10 block in to my foundation I had already cussed in three different languages.


You have no idea how finicky it is to lay concrete block.


Finally me and the block came to an understanding: I would try to lay block, they would put up a fight, we would struggle for a half an hour then they would settle down into something that looked like a wall. Not a good wall mind you, but something between an autistic monkey, and a brick mason makeing a bad artistic statement (“I call it: The Collapse of Man Kind”)


The piers on the inside


Finally i got the block layed. With ripping out the old foundations, i had a bunch of historic brick left over, and since i didnt like the look of the concrete block, i decided to to back the old brick as a veneer over the concrete block.



Unlike concrete block, brick is a wonderful material, that is fantastic to work with and highly rewarding.



Im going to do a “sealed” crawlspace,  so with a little bit of the left over brick, I closed off the access hole in my foundation.


Thats all for now folks.

Catch ya next time.


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