Design Part I: Shapes, Volumes and Demensions

So now that im waist deep in this project, I think it might be good to take a moment to reflect on what I actually want to do with this project.

Technically I think the seeds of this prodject started when I told my realestate agent I was interested in buying this house.

After going through the “are you serious?” “Are you crazy?” “You will never get your investment back.” Routine, he sat back for a little while and then asked what were the demension? As i told him, he reached for a pad of paper and started sketching.

Now all the load bearing walls are on the exterior of the house, so there was good bit of freedom in the interior layout, and with great input from my Uncle and others. Ideas started to go down on paper.

I went through a lot of design ideas, in the process, all the details from roof-lines, window placement, doors room sizes, materials, storage, churned through different iterations.


eventually the plan finally settled down with a two bedroom, two bath design.


The master Bedroom is towards the rear, with an office/second bedroom at the front. An open kitchenand living room area in the middle, and master bath and guest bath, in the shed structure on the side.

Now trying to sqeeze two bedrooms and bathrooms into 916 sq. ft. has been an interesting challenge. a couple of times its come down to matter of inches wether or not it was possible. And with trying to intergrate the old structure into the new, these plans are still flexible and I think the finally details will most likely come together as the house is assembled.

But this is the out line of the scope of the project, and hopefully it will keep everything on tract.

Catch ya later folks,



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