Framing Parte Dos: Revenge of the House!

So with the  “Side shed” framed up, I finally got around to the front of the house. the house is originally 850 sqft., so I was on the hunt for any extra square footage i could find. I talked to the county, and they okeyed me bumping out the front of the house to what was the front porch. this this bought me an extra 100 square feet. and let me fit the front office/bedroom into the house: so far so good.

The first thing that needed to happen to build onto the front was remove the porch roof, and siding. I rented a roll-off to put the old lumber in. After i finish with the front, I will start framing up my walls, so i went ahead and stripped all the old siding off the house to get access to the studs.


So the guys who built the foundations for the porch must have had an off day. The builders had the front porch angled off from the rest of the house, I made for some creative framing, but in the end I think I was able to get it lined up.

The county wanted me to add additional studs in the walls, so I took the opportunity to frame up my windows where i wanted them.  then sheathed the whole thing in OSB.


After the front was done I moved around and did the same on the back.

So now all the foundation, floors and walls are all in good shape and up to code, the only thing left is the roof.


Frameing Parte Uno: Some New Hope!

So the framing of the house is a cool mix of full 2×4 mill cut lumber, and 4x4s. There was a fair bit of bug damage to the some of the framing so it was necessary to shore up the wall and replace certain timbers piece-meal.

So with timbers coming out of the wall  and the need to put into place new door openings, I put up a temporary wall to support the roof while framing everything up.

This wall is one of the main load barring walls, so I added some OSB to give it a little more shear strength.

Before I finished off the sub-floor, I spray foamed the crawlspace walls all the way to the rim joist. Then laid down the rest of the plywood sub-floor.

Now with the floor in place, it was time to get cracking building the “side shed” back onto the house, this will hold both bathrooms and the utility closet.

My friend Wesley stopped by and helped me get the roof on.

Finally after having the side of my house open to wind, water, and predjudciual looks, I finally got it closed up.

Next up: Tackling the front bumpout.