Windowed, Decked and Sided

So with the house wrapped up just in time for tax season, I leveraged my tax returns to purchase my windows. I received several bids for the windows, but ended up going with a company in Tucker, GA. So after carefully measuring my window openings, I placed my order. Two weeks later I went to pick them up, and they were the wrong size. Queue up week long, window induced headache.

Finally I figured out a fix and proceeded to install the windows.

With the windows in, I tossed up some soffit.

I spent some time thinking about my window and door trim. I mocked up some different styles, but in ended up going with something kind of traditional.

Finally after all the prep work, siding started to go up.

So far, so good.

How we are sitting so far:

Amount spent: I stopped keeping track a while ago, but I think i’m somewhere between $35,000 and $40,000.

Tool Acquired: Lots of fucking awesome ones!

Emotional breakdowns: *Pops Xanex* “None.”

Thanks for stopping by ya’ll.

Next up, rough electrical, plumbing, and Air conditioning.


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